Guess what?

Hubby and I have been discussing the fact that I really really want a laptop for Christmas..

And I could get one BUT that would mean that the kids get NO Christmas :)

Yeah that would be bad...lol....

So weekend before last Walmart had a laptop on sale for $298...we missed that one...

Last weekend Best Buy had one for $269.....missed that one too...

That and we really didnt have the money to spend on it....

So today we were talking after breakfast - - -

(eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage, biscuits and gravy by the way)...

And I thought the Best Buy was this weekend - but it was last weekend....

So I suggested that we just go look....at Best Buy and see what was available for a decent price....

We knew it would be AT LEAST $500 if not more....and we so are not prepared to pay that at this time.....

NO WAY we could do that.....

Anyway -- we left the kids at home and headed to Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot with a list of things we needed to do and get and things we wanted to look at.

Yeah we only made it as far as Best Buy and Wal Mart...

I got my Christmas present early :)

Baby bought me a LAPTOP.....

and you all need to go check em out....

I got a Compaq with all the bells and whistles and I can do everything he can do on his pc -plus more and his PC is bad ass let me tell ya....he plays all those rpg's and WOW and all that crap.....plus he builds puters....

Wanna know how much it was?

$399 yep $399 did you read that right? yep $399 :)

We just moved my puter out of the our room (thank the good lord above!) and into the game room.... it has NOW become the kids puter which is good cause they have trashed mine....

I now have room in MY ROOM to walk around my bed :)

AND I HAVE A LAPTOP! as my buddy farmers wife would say




    Nothing like curling up in bed with all your pillows and your LAPTOP!!!!!! (LOL)


  2. Once you have a laptop, you'll never go back to a desktop!

  3. That sounds like a great deal! And the kids get their own!

  4. Woohoo.. I have been wanting one for years..but he keeps saying no. wahhhhh I want one toooooo lol.


  5. I got both of my kids laptops for about that price a few months ago there...and they are great computers...I was kind of surprised. Now, I really want one but hate to spend that much on myself..lol.

  6. You got a LT? All to yourself??? How wonderfully squeeeeee-rific for you! FOR YOU!!

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow the children access in any way, shape, type, or game form. And, DH? He's an iffy.

    This is you're NEW Baby! For you to set up, download and play, as you see fit. It is hard, but Don't Let Them Infiltrate your Cyber Freedom.

    Whining, and tears aside...

    You Rock Your Happy Early Christmas Gift!!!!


  7. Wooowhooooo!

    Sooner or later I want one too...i've been looking at several...i'm so use to a desktop...i'm not sure I would like one..so you will have to let me know...I love the one HP has out...the bronze one...with a nice big screen...




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