Today is Tuesday....

Today is Tuesday...

Tomorrow is Wednesday....

The next day is Thursday.....

and so on and so on and so on.....

KD's bday is tomorrow...

she will be 17....

Where the hell does the time go....

She used to be the sweetest child...lol....now? she has her moments but mostly she is bitchy...lol...but she comes by it honestly...I have been known to be a little snappy catty bitchy at times..... @@....

I went and ordered her cake today....

1/2 sheet....white ganache.....and this pattern on top.....

Sort of...We had to make some adjustments...but it will be pretty.... This is what we did the invitations in....with parchment paper on top....they turned out cute cute cute...

Now i have to figure out food and drinks and logistics and music...and how not to piss off the neighbors with 25 - 30 teenagers in my backyard on a Saturday night :)

I have to buy party favor thingys....dont know what yet...

I have to buy plates and napkins and balloons and streamers....

I ahve to decide on food....

I am the Queen of last minute parties...

They wear me out ....the kids jsut wear me out...

What the hell am I going to do when they are gone?


  1. She shares a b-day with my niece ... although she'll be 16 tomorrow.

    Ya know, lately, I've just found myself overwhelmed (and under energized). I'm so FER - US - terated (as I say it), . . . I only have 2 children to keep up with and most of my friends have 3 ... 4 ... or 5! Oi.

  2. Good luck with the party!!
    Kids grow up way too fast. Seems like when you're pregnant, time just drags by.
    But, once ya have the baby... it just flies.
    Hope you're having a good day.
    Angel =0)

  3. I swear they grow up when we turn our backs for 30 minutes! Have fun with the party!

  4. Good luck with the party ... I love parties.

  5. Wait till you plan a graduation party! LOL

  6. wow u have alot to do. when their gone, rest maybe? :)

  7. The party sounds like fun! Love the cake. Very pretty.

  8. We are planning my 15 year olds Sweet 16 party and her invitations are very similar in style only brown. I'll have to take some pics.
    Good luck. Cute pics!

  9. Happy Birthday to the party girl. Hope you all have a great time.


  10. oooooooh happy birthday to her.. a party sounds fun.. when's it start?

  11. Todays a day were the brain needs to catch up! Love your tag about Strong Women. Love your reads!
    Take care and enjoy,

  12. I have a 17 yr old with the same sweet "personality".. sometimes she likes me , sometimes she don't.. at the moment.. well.. I don't know. Lmao. Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  13. Hey there.. good luck with the party. I just had my daughters 15th not too long ago.
    A bowling party.. simple for me and fun for the kids..time does fly doesn't it lol


  14. LOL the queen of last minute parties... yes I know what you mean but it sounds like you are very organized and doing great on the plan. I just did a last minute party this past weekend and I think sometimes they turn out better than when I put too much work into it... (not always just sometimes) and I certainly stress less instead of for longer. I love the picture of your daughter in the dance costume... what a cutie! They sure do grow up fast! Hugs,

  15. invite the neighbors... thay may keep them from getting mad...lol

  16. Truly, the time goes too fast. "18 years have come and gone... for mama they flew by but for me the drug on and on..." wish I could be there to celebrate with her! And to console you. *hugs*

  17. Awww! Happy Birthday to KD!

    Love all the pics...hope the party goes well...


  18. OMG...I giggled when I saw her dance picture...I need to scan Bobbi's & post it...too cute.

    OK lady....i will be leaving tonight to attend the party (I wish)

  19. 17 years huh? Where does the time go momma?


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