So since the middle of September, we have been back forth with Kadie to the doctor...

We have had pelvic ultrasounds....

We have had a vaginal ultrasound...(mind you she has not even had a papsmear yet)..

It all started becuase she had not had her period in 6 months.....

Dr prescribed Provera for it....didnt work....that was in the middle of september....

Last week in September she started and it didnt stick around very long AT ALL....maybe 3 - 4 days....

Got the results back from the ultrasounds and it seems....

Kadie has PCOS.....Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ... her left ovary is enlarged......she also has an enlarged liver ( going for an ultrasound for that next week on Thursday....) and they think she has endometriosis in the left ovary but we havent scheduled laproscopy for that yet....

Going over a plan of action with the doctor plus I plan to take her into my OB - GYN to have her checked out too....and to get a second opinion....actually this will be the third opinion..we have seen two doctors at our regular doctors office....(didnt like the first doctor...I asked him what PCOS was becuase I had never heard of it? and he told me to look it up on the internet....can ya see the steam coming out my ears?)

Include us in your prayers...

The effects of PCOS are varied if not treated.....beginning with infertility and ending with ovarian cancer....apparently also very common in girls her age...but not always treated....


  1. My neice has that. Her Doc said she had to lose some weight, and I believe she may have been put on birth control pills to regulate her periods. I think I had it, but back in the dark ages we didn't know what PCOS was. Will keep y'all in my prayers. ~~Kath~~

  2. Goodness,I would have fired that doc too! Lazy butt. Your girl is in my prayers.

  3. im sorry to hear about that, i hope she is ok, that was a horrorible thing for that Dr. to say

  4. I know someone who had this at a young age and now she can't have children. Don't wait to long for treatment.

    Keeping her in my prayers.

  5. Sure will my friend.....

    Prayers going up....

  6. I cannot believe the Dr. told you to look it up on the internet...omg what an idiot!

    Glad you went to another Dr.

    Keeping Kadie in my thoughts and prayers and hope she is able to get the help she needs...


  7. I am very sorry. Very scary to have to deal with anything health related for our children...send prayers. rose

  8. i know several people with that! it is also a culprit for young people about kadie's age that suddenly become extremely overweight...
    I hope she doesn't have the endo. I have had so much trouble with that. they thought i had it when I was her age and they tried birth control pills prior to surgery. I did wonderfully on those and there was no surgery until years later, when I went off birth control to have my tubes tied. and I believe that at that point, the endometriosis came back, and is probably still with me, after multiple surgeries.....

  9. i hope things turn out okay i seem to be falling apart down there as well.

  10. Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear that Kelly .. You daughter is definitely in our prayers. Fire that dr!! Errrrrrrrr, jerk.

  11. I know several lap band friends that have/had PCOS and said there is a direct link to it and your diet. They are all on special diets to keep the PCOS under control. It can be very serious if not controlled...lead to other serious health problems but you probably know all this by now.

    I feel so badly for hear...but at least you know what it is and you can take steps to help her get healthy again. Do some googling online "PCOS and diet" there are some great books and lots of information you can get your hands on to help her.


  12. Wow~what a diagnosis. You are so right in getting more than one opinion! Thank goodness it has been diagnosed early!!


  13. I didn't know she had this. I hope that she can get things under control. I would try the weight loss first and pills then go to surgery. I hate surgery. I don't blame you for taking her to another doctor.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  14. So I'm behind and sorry, but I'm praying for you and Kadie.


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