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So I found this post in my drafts...didnt even know I had it...I believe it came from Heather Heather Bo Beather....over at Tightening The Corset Again :) I dont even know what the date is that I started this draft ONLY because I didnt look...lol..

So now I want to have audience participation from my readers... you don't have to answer ALL of these questions but if you'll answer a couple and give me a little insight to who you are... and maybe give me a little encouragement as well.

1. I have several bible verses that I have committed to memory that give me strength when I am discouraged. Can you share a few of your favorite? Or maybe just a quote or passage or song lyric that you find empowering?

I have two of these...sorta...one is a bible verse and the other is a song lyric...

The bible verse is ~

Psalms 34:4 - I sought the Lord; he heard me and answered my prayers.

This is engraved on my brothers headstone - and is forever etched in my brain.

The other is a song lyric by Gary Allan --

The song is called Cant Do It Today

and the lyric is

Ill forgive you tomorrow if the sun doesnt shine,
Let you back into my life when the oceans are dry,
Take you back when every shade of the rainbow turns gray
But I just cant do it today...

2. What would you consider your "lean" years as far as finances are concerned? Many might say college - or when they were newly married. Tell me about your hard times and how you survived... ramen noodles? I may glean some tips that help us get through!

Our lean years? When the kids were younger...or everything prior to 2003...lol....lots of coupon clippin - "shopping at grandmas house" - eating at grandmas house - eating at nannys house...lol...lots of beans and hamburger meat and rice :)

3. I'm interested in your love stories. It's discouraging to not be "lucky in love". My first marriage was abyssmal. My second marriage was, without a doubt, the greatest disappointment I've ever faced. I want to hear stories about how you may have given up on finding someone special and ended up meeting him...

My first marriage was a joke...lasted 11 months and 22 days and about 6 hours....My second marriage? still on it :) 18 years and going strong....We met at Walmart when I had to get a job when I left husband #1 - I worked at the service desk and he worked in sporting goods...A single mom came to me and asked for someone to put a bike together - i called back to sporting goods - he came up to take care of it...and that was it :) Then *ahem* I got pregnant - and I didnt tell him - and then he asked me to marry him - and I said yes and -- abd "by the way, I am pregnant" - I know I know I did it all backwards...lol

4. I'm loving having TV again after 3 weeks of not really watching. I'm a big tv junkie. My favorite show right now is Jon & Kate Plus 8... what show are you watching obsessively and why?

My favorite tv shows rightare Desperate Housewives - One Tree Hill - and Jon and Kate plus 8 - Adoption Stories - SEcret Life of an American Teenager - Priveledged and lots of others :) I watch too much tv..

5. I'm also a big magazine reader. I love People, Shape, Self, Weight Watchers, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping... lots and lots of random mags. What magazine do you never miss? Why?

I dont read too many magazines - because I dont have the time but I LOVE Rachel Ray - Good Housekeeping - Family Home Journal - Family Circle


  1. aaaahhhhhh, you quoted a gary allan song... you are officially considered awesome in my book... he is the greatest!! My favorite though is "life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride!"

  2. i try to stay away from magazines...they usually end up making me feel fat.

    i love reading other people's love stories!

  3. Favorite Bible passage? Probably the 23rd Psalm. Real original, huh? I like the chorus that goes, "God will make a way where there seemed to be no way."

    Lean years? Most of my life! We're just now at the place where it isn't a struggle to keep up.

    I used to read lots of magazines, but the Internet took the place of magazines. The only one I personally read is Reader's Digest; it's small enough to fit in a purse and that way if I get bored, I always have something to read.

    I like CSI and Grey's Anatomy and The Closer and The Mentalist and.... should I go on?

  4. 1.I like to read the 23rd Psalms

    2. Lean years for me? Ugh..not sure what years exactly, but when I was a kid for awhile we went with out a phone and no cable. The gas was turned off and it was winter, so we had to wear 2 or three pairs of clothes to bed and pile up under 3 or 4 blankets.

    3. Love stories. well I never thought id fall in love..ever. Never thought a man could fall in love with me. I was always so lonely..but I finally found someone.
    4.I love watching tv. Right now my favorites to watch are "SuperNatural", "Ghost Whisperer", "Monk" and "The realWorld".

    5. My fav mags are Cosmo and Glamour..I do miss them sometimes, cant afford to get subscriptions anymore so I get the freebies when i can.

  5. Lean years? Oh yea...all my married ones have been pretty damn lean. LOL

    I love People magazine, but rarely have any extra cash to buy one.

    My favorite shows? Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Top Chef, and Project Runway.

    And I'm still on my first marriage...going on 5 years now. ::fingers crossed::



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