ok so i stole this from Traci and took Donnas name out and put Tracis in :)

A different meme: I got this from Traci who follows my blog!
My favorite age: 30 - 35
My best friend(s): Cassey, Shellye and Tracia
My celebrity crush: Gary Allan or Trace Adkins
My defining characteristic: I am who I am....
My most evil moment: you dont even want to go there....
My favorite food: Mexican
My grossest injury: i have never broken a bone or been injured in a way that was gross looking..lol
My biggest hatred: Closed minded people
My need for justice: is very prominent
My most knowledgeable field: good lord i know something about everything
My life’s goal: To see my children married with children.
My mother’s influence: her bitchiness
My nerdiest point: I was a band and choir geek!
My oldest memory: Getting a Barbie plane for Christmas...at like age 5..
My perfect date: no children dinner and a walk and just talking
My unanswered question: where the hell do my spoons keep dissapearing to?
My random fact: I was a twirler in high school....
My stupidest decision: Just one? I could go on for days...
My favorite television show: Army Wives
My style of underwear: none
My favorite vegetable: squash
My weakest trait: Again, just one? I think I'll go with laziness.
My X-men power: My children say Professor Xavier...telepathy...I have never watched it....lol...
My strongest yearning: To have my own house.....not a rental....
My moment of Zen: When our family is together and having fun and all is well...with no arguing...


  1. Your unanswered question is my unanswered question too!!!

  2. HI! I found you on my travels over from AOL....Kelly is an AWESOME name....I named my second daughter Kelly! I will send you an invite to my new BLOG space. I'm looking forward to maintaining all my AOL friendships and finding some new ones too!!


  3. LOL you're like my sister with the underwear, but when she sleeps with me she's wearing something I don't care what.
    Take care

  4. Ohhhhh...I LOVED my Barbie plane (and the Barbie townhouse, the Barbie camper, the Barbie dreamhouse...I could go on but I will spare you!)



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