For Trade

For Trade: One 17 year old who knows everything.


How to cook.

How to clean.

How to manage money.

How to wipe up spilled water.

How to drive.

How to write a check.

How to answer a phone.

How to do math.

How to be polite.

How gas is paid for.

How cell phone bills are paid.

How to work the can opener.

How to sweep, dust or vacuum.

How to make a bed.

How to do laundry.

How dictatorships work.

How to stop talking.

How to get a job.

How important it is to finish high school.

How the world actually works.

She can text. And she can argue. What else does she *possibly* need to know in life??

I’d like to trade her in. For a puppy.


  1. Awww - bless your heart. I hope things work themselves out. Big hugs!! ~~Kath~~

  2. LOL, I don't have a puppy to trade, I have a daughter who knows it all ... except ... ummm, everything you listed! Can we just send them off to some kind of boot camp?


  3. Awwwwwwww sweet memories! In a few years you'll look back and wonder how that teenager became the beautiful woman you never dreamed she could be. You'll love her and the puppy will be the one you want to trade in.

  4. LOL I know how you feel and mine is only 15. They know how the luxury part works but not the work part lol. I have no puppy and I'm afraid my 15 year old isn't much of a trade off lol.. take care


  5. thats cute what u wrote. Id like a puppy 2,lol

  6. LMAO ... I can't give my poochies in trade but I have two tweens. he he he

  7. gonna have a hard time trading a puppy for THAT...lol

  8. I have a couple of those. Maybe we can send them off somewhere together! lol

  9. Hey Kelli! It's been awhile. I decided to go ahead and move my Farmer's Wife Journal over to Google like you did. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, I also have another one called Dylann's Nana...I'm going to make you a favorite so I can start checking in with you again...I'm so excited to see you are still bloggin!

  10. LMAO! Puppy sounds nice im pretty sure my mom put an ad out like this in the news paper when i was 17.

  11. Hey....I HAVE ONE OF THOSE TOO!!!! Actually, I have THREE of them....but two CAN DRIVE!!! (LOL)

    Ahhhh, teenagers. Gotta love them I guess....(lol)


  12. Children are wonderful but there are those times when they can test your patience. It's a big world out there. Puppy are cute though huh?
    Take care of you and smile,

  13. LMBO I'll send ya Bandit. He's a PITA. LOL


  14. I have one of those, too. Curiously, she seems to think she knows everything.

  15. no how about 7 grown boys??? rose

  16. No thanks...I have two of those models myself with the same skills : )


  17. No thanks, I have one of my own I'm trying to get rid of! LOL

  18. LMAO!!! Things will work out no doubt.. sorry I can't help you here :)

  19. Hang in there, I had one like that. Now she couldn't be more of a blessing as an adult. They reach a certain age and grow up when your not looking. My daughter just turned 20 in May. A few years ago, I would of gladly traded for a puppy. (Hugs)Indigo

  20. Awwww...Gabby was taught how to write checks in 5th grade. She also has a pre-paid spending card (looks like a credit card) all her allowance goes onto. When she wants to buy something she uses her card and then has to keep track of her spending and deposits in her check register. I for one think it is a necessary thing these kids know how to do.

    I was awful with credit and checks...any kind of banking and I wish someone would have taught me sooner.

    Just remember a puppy can't say "I love you Mom." :)

  21. You're too much! I have been there girl! All three of mine are still living at home! 23, 21 & 19...not to mention the 7 month old who occupies every waking minute (between her naps)of my time. Once the pass 20, they become a little less of a know-it-all...just a little. So glad to be back in blog-land with ya!

  22. um...how about a daughter for a daughter...forget the puppy....


  23. Yep. Ooooooh yeah. I know. What was the scan for?


  24. I know you remember being 17. :)

    I do...and I already knew everything! You could not tell me anything!

    Good luck! :)

  25. LOL believe it or not Lauren living in the college house is finally learning you don't go out to dinner everyday which is what she would do with her friends while she lived at home. Now there is no money and I buy her under $200 in groceries every two weeks. So now she is actually learning how to cook since she likes to eat. And she learned how to clean and do laundry really fast since I wasn't around to do it. She also got a job real fast when she found out we weren't funding her running around life. Kadie will learn when you get her out of the house and she has to do something. It's like I told my daughter you have to grow up sometime Mommy isn't gonna live forever.
    Hugs, Chrissie

  26. Aww @ Moms comment...

    I'm sure she would have traded me in for something when I was a bratty teen too...lol

    It will get better in a few years...at least it did for Mom and I...once i figured out I didn't know it all...


  27. LOL..I have a 22 year old daughter who still acts that way. My oldest has settled down but she's 27...ugh. At least she's housebroken. HUGS

  28. *gulp* mine is 12 - when do the symptoms start???


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